Adoption Law Attorneys in Staunton

Nelson, McPherson, Summers & Santos, L.C. is always pleased to assist clients in understanding the intricacies involved in adoption law, and we have experienced lawyers to work with you in this particular area. Adoptions range from fairly straightforward to complex, and we're able to handle all kinds of situations that may arise as things progress from start to finish.

Adoption Assistance

Whether your case involves a stepparent adoption, parental placement adoption, foster care adoption, close family adoption, agency adoption or any other adoption issue, we would be happy to provide you confidential and professional legal advice. Our lawyers have handled all kinds of adoption issues, and we are sensitive to the fact that this can be an emotional issue for all involved. Trust our professional team to take care of you every step of the way.

Contact Us

If you are interested in representation for an adoption case of any kind, please contact our firm at (540) 885-0346, and we will be happy to schedule a prompt appointment. You can also reach us through our contact page.
 If you would like to meet with an attorney in the firm, please contact us at 
(540) 885-0346, or e-mail us at
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